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Terms and Conditions governing the Hotel Accommodation Contract:

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E-mail: info@tuihotels.com.tr

1. Scope of validity / Terms and conditions for the guest

These Terms and Conditions are valid for hotel accommodation contracts made with TT Hotels Turkey  for the use of the rooms as well as for all other services and performances provided by the Hotels in TT Hotels Turkey group hotels.

2. Services provided by the Hotel

2.1. The Hotel is obligated to make available the room booked by the guest in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and to perform the contractually agreed services due (hereinafter referred to as SERVICES).

2.2. The guest does not acquire a right to have any specific room made available to him/her. Rooms that have been booked are available to the guest from 15.00 hours on the day of the agreed arrival provided no other time  has been agreed in writing in the contract. The guest has no right to have the room made available to him/her earlier.

3. Duties of the guest

3.1. The guest is obligated to pay the Hotel’s price for using the room and for any other services that he has made use of. This also applies to any services provided that are initiated by the guest and any expenses the Hotel incurs for third parties.

3.2. The guest must obtain written approval in advance from the Hotel before subletting or further renting the room(s) made available to him/her.

3.3. On the agreed day of departure the room(s) must be vacated and made available to the Hotel at the latest by 12.00 midday. In the event of the room being vacated later the Hotel is entitled to charge 50% of the daily rate for additional use of the room between 12.00 midday and 18.00 hours, and 100% of the daily rate in the event of the room being vacated after 18.00 hours.

4. Conditions of payment

4.1. The agreed prices (hereinafter referred to as PRICE(S) include the applicable VAT.

4.2. As soon as the contract comes into effect the Hotel is entitled to Receive full amount or 30% of holiday cost according to choosen payment method.

5. Change of services

5.1. Changes to the agreed SERVICES or deviations of individual SERVICES from those agreed in the Hotel Accommodation Contract which become necessary after the contract has come into effect and which the Hotel has made in good faith are allowed only if the changes and deviations are not significant and the overall package of the SERVICES is not impaired.

5.2. The Hotel is obligated to inform the guest without delay about any changes to or deviations from the Hotel’s SERVICES. If needed the Hotel will offer the guest an amendment free of charge or offer the guest to cancel his stay at no charge.

5.3. As soon as the Hotel makes known that it intends to change its SERVICES the guest must declare to the HOTEL that he/she would like to make use of his/her rights indicated under Point 5.2.

6. Cancellation by the guest (cancellation, no-show )

6.1. The guest is entitled to withdraw from the Hotel Accommodation Contract at any time prior to the start of the SERVICES. Withdrawal from the contract by the guest is recognised by the Hotel only when this has been received by the Hotel. The guest must make his/her cancellation in writing.

6.2. If the guest withdraws from the Hotel Accommodation Contract the Hotel can demand compensation for any expenses it has occurred had up to that point in time. When calculating the amount of compensation usually the expenses that will be saved as well as any usual alternative use of the SERVICES should be considered.

6.3 Amount of compensation in case of cancellation is mentioned below:


-For hotel reservations staying in April, May, October and November: if the rooms are cancelled 3 days before check-in date then no fee will be charged.  Cancellations made within 3 day of check-in date will be charged 100% for the first days room reservation.

-For hotel reservations staying in the months of June, July, August and September: if the cancellation is made 15 days before the check-in date, no fee will be charged. Cancellations made less than 15 days before check-in date will be charged 100% of first days room reservation.

- If the booking is not cancelled before the check-in and there is no check-in then the first 3 days of the accommodation will be charged at 100%.

6.4. The guest is at liberty to prove that the Hotel has suffered either no damage or less damage than the lump sum amounts indicated under Point 6.2 and 6.3.

6.5. The above points governing the compensation for the Hotel also apply in a like manner to the cancellation of individual SERVICES, as well as to cases in which a guest does not use the booked room or the booked services and does not inform the Hotel in advance.

7. Cancellation by the Hotel; extraordinary cancellation

7.1. The Hotel is entitled to cancel the contract for an important reason for instance if:

- the guest continuously disturbs the SERVICES, despite being categorically warned that his accommodation contract will be cancelled, so much so that the Hotel has a justified reason for assuming that the use of the Hotel services by the guest could endanger the smooth running of the Hotel business, or the security or the public image of the Hotel, after being sure that this is not attributable to the domain or organisation of the Hotel.

- the guest has booked a room or rooms based on misleading or incorrect information, for example the name of the guests , passport no, child age, number of the guests, ...etc.

In such cases, if any additional cost incurs the hotel reserves the right to charge for these additional costs

8. Force majeure

8.1. If the SERVICES are made more difficult, are endangered or impaired as a result of unforeseen circumstances that were not evident at the time the contract was signed then the guest as well as the Hotel may cancel the contract or the corresponding SERVICES.

9. Liability of the Hotel for guests’ property

9.1. The Hotel is liable to the guest in accordance with the legal regulations for items of property that the guest brings with him. Valuables may be handed over to the Hotel for safekeeping in the hotel safe; this does not apply to items that are too large or have such a value or importance that the Hotel is not in a position to safeguard them or to keep dangerous items. The Hotel recommends guests to take advantage of this option.

9.2. Any liability claim becomes null and void if the guest does not notify the Hotel without delay after finding out about the loss, destruction or damage. This does not apply if the loss, destruction or damage of the item was caused by the Hotel or its vicarious agents or the item was being held in safekeeping by the hotel.

10. Final provisions

10.1. Any changes or supplements to the contract, the acceptance of the accommodation contract or these Terms and Conditions must be made in writing. This applies also to any changes to this stipulation.

10.2. Place of performance and place of payment, as well as the sole place of jurisdiction – also for any disputes regarding cheques and currency exchange laws – is the place where the Hotel has its headquarters.

10.3. Turkish law applies.

10.4. Should any individual conditions of these Terms and Conditions be or become invalid this shall not effect the remaining conditions. Furthermore the applicable legal regulations apply.

Complaints or issue related to the accommodation

If you have any complaint, please direct it to the reception staff or management of the accommodation immediately so that they may take the appropriate steps to remedy the problem. Should the solution(s) provided not satisfy you, please contact with individual hotel by phone or info mail addresses which indicated on the website.

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