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We make your holiday dreams come true.

Welcome to the official website of one of Turkey's best known and largest hotel chains - TT Hotels Turkey. We offer high-quality services and sustainable holidays to our guests and welcome families, couples or groups of friends, from around the world.

We present 15 high quality hotels in Turkey. Each hotel offers the best of our Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine and climate and gives you the chance to enjoy our world famous Turkish hospitality. Make your reservation at one of our hotels and savour the unique activities and experiences we offer in our unrivalled locations.


As one of Turkey's best known hotel chains, we are proud of our high standards and the ability to welcome guests from around the world.  Here, at TT hotels Turkey, we make your holiday dreams come true.  We continue to grow in the market by providing innovative and lasting contributions to Turkish tourism. With its fabulous locations, attractive climate, delicious cuisine, historical treasures and genuine hospitality, our country is a favourite destination, especially for European guests. The key to our success is to offer the best possible service and to keep guest satisfaction as our number one priority.


We’ve worked hard to become the best hotel chain in Turkey and we owe our success to our exceptional team. All of our colleagues are carefully selected, well-educated and committed. The team enhances the concepts we present in our hotels by offering the very best of Turkish hospitality. Our staff work with a positive energy to ensure that every guest leaves our hotels happy and satisfied, with the intention to spend their holidays with us again.

As TT Hotels Turkey, we care very much about the environment and do our best of offer a sustainable holiday experience for our guests.  Our efforts to minimise the damage we cause to our environment and not to consume more than necessary form a major part of our corporate responsibilities. We work hard to obtain the appropriate certification each year and will continue to try and protect our future.


All our hotels are meticulously designed to meet all your expectations from a holiday. Whether you enjoy sunbathing on one of our Blue Flag beaches, or relaxing by a large, stylish pool, you can be confident that we maintain the highest of hygiene standards.

Some of our hotels have the largest pools in the Mediterranean. We regularly renovate our facilities in order to provide our guests with the best possible holiday.  Each hotels offers a unique experience so you can choose from different room types and bed capacities, pools, beaches, restaurants, bars, night and day entertainment, children's clubs, mini zoo and organic gardens. We are sure you will find the perfect hotel for you. 


One of our strengths that sets TT hotels Turkey, Turkey apart from other hotels is that we offer a huge range of activities at our hotels which are available both day and night. You can enjoy personal treatments in our SPA areas and experience the healing effect of our Turkish baths and sauna.  Go sightseeing on organised tours, either by foot or bike and have fun with our water sports such as canoeing, sailing, windsurfing and diving. We offer yoga and other sports as just some of the fantastic activities we have each day. At night time, enjoy a quiet drink or come and join in the energy of our theme parties.  All of our activities are thoughtfully prepared by our professional entertainment team who consider the guest needs at each hotel.  Therefore, the facilities may vary at each location.


The consistency of our high standards at TT Hotels Turkey is important to us. We take care to maintain our quality with continuous inspections, internal and external independent audits, training and the implementation of best practices in all our hotels. We ensure that our food is always fresh by supporting local producers and it’s served to our guests after being prepared in the most hygienic environment. Our restaurants serve dishes from all around the world, as well as offering the local and traditional flavours of our country.  From the range of our room types,  through to garden design, entertainment and activities, we have thought of everything down to the smallest detail with our high standards of cleanliness and quality in mind.

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